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Video Alert

A new video, commissioned by The Anthropologists as part of their series NO PANTS IN TUSCON DIGITAL: a storytelling series tugging at the threads of gender, clothing, and public policy.

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No Pants Digital.png

Children's Media

Happy to be featured on the PBS program"Let’s Learn NYC!" an educational program, in partnership with #NYCDOE for kids in grades 3K-2, featuring instruction by educators and virtual field trips.


Also check out Rockefeller Center's Spring Sundays, where the New York City Children's Theater's musical FIVE (co-starring and edited by me!) will be part of their virtual programming.

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OnWomen Festival

After the Fainting Room was selected as a workshop production and had to be cancelled due to COVID, The Treatment premiered as part of Irondale Theatre's On Women Festival New Media Storytelling Category.

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Irondale Treatment CBS.jpg
Irondale Treatment CBS.jpg
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