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Writer-ly Stuff

Hello and welcome! Thanks for checking out my writing!

Training: Pilot writing with Ben Axelrad,

Sketch comedy writing at the People's Improv Theater,

Children’s Media Association Mentorship with Writing and Script Coordinator Focus

Email to request an excerpt or full script.

Waves of Wonder, live theater for young audiences

Written by Becca Bernard, Devised by the Emit Theater Company


This interactive play takes students on a journey to help save their town’s waterfront from harmful development. Along the way, they encounter mythical creatures from Afro-Caribbean, Nigerian, Chinese, Scottish, and Gullah cultures who teach them about the importance of conservation and community. 

Original Scripts

Drama Therapy,  Pilot

Written by Becca Bernard


An emotionally repressed young woman who's only ever had therapy with her mom attends college for the first time. As she adjusts to life at school she learns about her mental health by simultaneously being visited by "therapeutic superheroes."

Tales from the Fridge, podcast pitch and script sample

co-written by Becca Bernard and James Harper


A comedic, educational, historical adventure for kids about a 10 year old girl who hates vegetables but an array of time-traveling, talking vegetables try to convince her otherwise.

Abort,  Short Film

Written by Becca Bernard


An anti-abortion advocate discovers she has super powers in front of a planned parenthood clinic. She struggles to harness these powers and discovers a challenge to her convictions.

Spec Scripts

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens,  The Concert

Written by Becca Bernard


Nora subs in for Melanie as a Celebrity Wrangler at a prominent music festival. She HATES music festivals, but finds out her favorite band (whose music has been there during all of the emotional times) is performing.

Other Writing
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