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"pro independence, pro critical honest look at the struggles women have faced through the ages and still face today..."
An explosive release of physical comedy, hysteria, the birth of vibrators and candid confession.

“Brilliant comic timing,” delivered by a “one woman dynamo."

"Bernard has something to say.”

-Cincinnati CityBeat

Treat yourself to an explosive release of physical comedy, music, and candid confession by entering The Fainting Room. This raucous show explores the ideas behind the historical phenomenon “female hysteria,” highlighting the absurdity of past treatments, celebrating self love and vibrators and rejecting the idea that it is better to be unhappy with someone or something that doesn’t fit than to be alone.


Inspired by true historic events, the show addresses the effects generated by the mental/physical diagnosis of hysteria, a medical condition that existed as early as 4th century B.C. until the early 1950’s. While chronicling some of the anatomical misunderstandings of the age, it also follows the hilarious and heartfelt journey of a modern woman who has just run away from the altar and as she is seeking treatment for herself, unintentionally finds herself in an 1890’s treatment room.

What Makes You vibrate?
The Audience and Press Are Saying:

This show was flippin amazing! I laughed, I snorted and I even participated! Brilliant performance by Becca!

 ~Erin Conroy-Hargadon

Educational and Entertaining, Becca takes you on a journey through time and space by the use of her many talents and asks the audience to explore what makes you "vibrate," giving you permission to love yourself.

~Nichole Hamilton

It's an orgiastic encounter with wit, silliness, song, finding self confidence and a cello. It should not be missed.

~Elgin Walkabout

Window Testimonials from Elgin, IL Fringe Festival:
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