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Technical rider




    A clear, flat performance space at least 12 feet wide by 14 feet deep.



    A general wash of lights with the ability to control blackout and at least one mood shift.

    If not possible, general lighting will do.


    Sound system capable of filling the facility with clean, undistorted sound with computer hook up.



    Seating placed in front of the stage (no side seating).



    Two chairs (can be folding).



    1 person to run sound/light cues and a minimum 1 hour technical rehearsal.

    Dressing room or private room with access to a bathroom that can be open one hour before show.

    Staff member(s) to serve as front of house, box office, security, and other personnel as necessary 

    (Performer will help usher audience members into the space.)



TFR will bring all other needed set pieces as well as a computer for sound. 

(The set fits into a large suitcase and duffel and doesn’t need to come in via loading dock.)



Becca Bernard


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